America’s Freedom Defenders
America’s Freedom Defenders Mission Statement
Our primary mission is to demonstrate our dedication to our country, fellow veterans of all the Armed Services, and most importantly, those who paid the ultimate price in service to their country and their brothers and sisters of future generations. We endeavor to accomplish this not with words, but by our actions as follows; We will come to the aid of as many of our brothers and sisters in times of need as possible, whether by providing moral, physical or financial support. We will not disrespect any of our brothers and sisters. It matters not the type or period of their service. That they served honorably has earned them that respect. We will conduct ourselves with decorum whenever in the presence of any symbols or ceremonies of our country or those who have served under that flag, regardless of the venue and circumstances. And we do this in company of our fellow Defenders and their families in comradeship and a common interest inherent in our beliefs and activities. And while this is a mission that can never truly be complete, we pray that our attempts will encourage all whom we meet will be inspired to join in our efforts and to demonstrate the reverence so deserved by those who have served.