America’s Freedom Defenders
Upcoming Events: 1. Ride and dine have started. Please speak up if you have a destination in mind. 2. Men’s Getaway – Aug 7-11 at Old Forge NY. 3. Picnic – 8/19 at Wes and Natalie home in Bloomfield. The address and list of items to bring will be sent out shortly 4. VJ Day Parade: Aug 13th in Moodus CT. 5. Aug 20th at Hadden Neck Fair Ground, Bike show and swap meet. 6. Car Wash and 50/50 raffle – Set for September 9, rain date on the 10th. 7. Sept 9th – Post 5095, East Hampton, Lobsterfest. Need to purchase tickets in advance. 8. Fall Camping / Ladies Getaway trip at Grandview in Moodus CT, October 6 – 15, 2023. a. Two weekends, some will stay for the week between both weekends. b. Cabin rentals available 9. Holiday party: Dec 9th at River Meade. Set up at 3pm and festivities to begin at 4pm Upcoming Meetings: August meeting – Will be held our AFD annual picnic. Meeting to start at 10:30 followed by a picnic. September meeting – Sept 17th at Greg’s house, meeting time TBD